Letra Warped in world 8 de Common Enemy

Warped in world 8

Don’t know how I got here, but I know I gotta get out
Gotta letter from the princess, and she needs my help
Stoned and lost I’m in world, how the fuck can I escape?
On the doomship fighting koopas, what will be my fate?

Use some star I’m tripping face, I’m warped!
Fireballs from wall to wall, Warped in world 8
Pack the bong with piranha plant, I’m warped!
Find the whistle to escape, Warped in world 8

Battle through the levels, and I think I found the end
There he stood, the koopa king, with an evil grin
Then this little mushroom dude, he gave me a fat blunt
It has the power, smoke it quick, now we battle on

And this fucker he spits fire
I dodge the vile blasts
Jump over his head and hit the switch
And melt his lizard ass
The princess winks, throws me her panties
I think I’m getting some
To good to be true
This can’t be a dream
I can’t fucking wait
I’m warped in world 8

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