Letra My board, my rules de Common Enemy

My board, my rules

It doesn’t matter where I’m off to
Or what trick I can do
… My board my rules

When life’s got me stressed out
One thing I need to do
… My board my rules

Cause when I hit the concrete
I feel like I’m possessed
Away from it all, just me and my deck
All the problems of the day I get to ignore
The problems seem to lift, lift right off my chest

Skate at my own speed
For the rest of the day
… My board my rules

I need to make the time
To skate more everyday
… My board my rules

All that matters is me
My chance to feel free
… My board my rules

Nothing’s ever going to
Take this away from me
… My board my rules

Skate all day for myself, I’m doing it for me, not for the wealth
I want nothing more, then to be left alone, in a different world, one of my own
It keeps me straight, away from this world and all of its hate

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