Letra Police story de Common Enemy

Police story

And the story goes… I was just hanging out, skating some spots,
Drinking, puffing away, I went to go to the show and on my way
There it was, a run in like you wouldn’t fucking believe.
Fucking cops all strapped with gun and badge,
Ready to get me, ready to get me, ready to get me…

Watch for the cops
Camping your skate spots
And when you see’um on the block
Better run and don’t stop

On my way to the show then a bright light hit my face
In the dark I hear this voice, you can’t be in this place
I knew it was the pigs, lost my booze and stashed the weed
A run in with some fat fuck cop is the last thing that I need.

I had to fucking run, to get caught would be my death
I ran and ran and fucking ran till that pig was outta breath
Ran till he was outta sight I knew I was home free
Made it to the show time to thrash and drinks 40s.

And today’s lesson is… when the just system has it out for you
And they send the boys in blue, you know what you gotta fucking do…

Run gotta run
Til that pig is outta breath
Run gotta run
To get caught would be my death
Run gotta run
Gotta ditch this fucking cop
Run gotta run
Fucking run and don’t stop
So I ran!

A true story, they just wanna bring you down, regardless.

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