Letra Nothing’s wrong de Common Enemy

Nothing’s wrong

I thought I told you nothing’s wrong!

Stumble in, eyes all red, what the fuck is wrong?
You lost your job, you’re all fucked up, it’s always the same sad song

Is this what you want, live check to check
No plans for the future, no self-respect
Just one more word, I’m fucking gone
I thought I told you nothing’s wrong

No direction where you’re going, not a single cause
Your life’s a mess, you’re always stressed, we know your fucking lost

You can’t do anything right
You have no goals
Your never gonna make it on your own

Your never gonna make it, take a good look at yourself
Hopeless case, you have no drive, we think you need some help

You’re always fucked up
You can’t cope
Is this the life you wanna live?

I live my life how I see it fit
Fuck off!

It seems like everyone else always thinks they
have all the fucking answers… well simple enough, they don’t.

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