Letra Hey kid, wake up de Common Enemy

Hey kid, wake up

Hey kid, wake up – clock spins in my head
Get up, wake up – today just more dead
Hey kid, wake up – it’s only your life
Get up, wake up – nothing feels right

Another shitty start to another shitty day
I don’t wanna get outta bed just wanna waste away
Nothing good is gonna happen and that’s just how I think
Problems follow day to day and I feel fucking sick

I can’t tell you why but this routine feels all wrong
All pissed off without reason, I’m a walking atom bomb
Always fucking tired and I deal with constant stress
Why do I feel I don’t belong and everyday is a test?

Hey Kid, Wake Up!

It’s the same everyday waking up feeling useless
You diagnose me like I didn’t fucking notice
I’ve heard it all before, trust me I got the point
Can’t escape the state we’re in, its like I never had a choice

Hey Kid, Wake Up!

What the fuck do you think this is, I’m gonna stay the way I live,
I don’t need your help just gotta get up, it’s as simple as I have no luck,
I try so hard, try everyday, not to let myself waste away

Get up!
Wake Up!
Get up!

It’s about dealing with the same routine, day in and day out.
The same shitty job, people always thinking that they know
how to solve your problems, always telling you how you should
feel, it’s about feeling stuck in a situation, and trying to
find the best way out.

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