Letra Party harder de Common Enemy

Party harder

Two hours in and I can’t see straight
We need to get another keg, I don’t wanna wait
Gotta get drunk faster, pour me a beer bong
Down the hatch with 6 shots I think there’s something wrong

What the fuck my head is spinning
How much more till I hit the floor
I need another drink, can I do this longer?
Fuck yea I can, Lets Party Harder!

This is one party that you shouldn’t miss
Do you even know what a Lionshead is?
We’re all got of it again, cases have short lives
Pick up some 40s and keep it up all night

Lets Party Harder

It’s 2am, we’re dry again
Lets Party Harder
Get the crew, we need more
Skate our way to the liquor store

Wasted fun having a blast getting drunk and skating fast
Keep it going the next day lets make this party last
Do you even know what a Lionshead is?

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