Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright



feat. Joey Bada$$

[Verse 1]
Aye, yo – call me a hard workin’ nigga
I shouldn’t use “nigga” ‘cause that’s what was used against us
But I still I abuse it and use it, look how they did us
A lot of shit’s changed, but some things installed in us
We can’t figure out – the Willie Lynch gave them the in-and-outs
Will ‘em out, look who doin’ all the fuckin’ killin’ now
We got that after slavery, nothin’ you can say to me
Attitude, with Malcolm X speakin’ and teachin’ bravery
Violence is only needed when you feel defeated
And parents pay attention, it ain’t cool to raise a demon
That’s on lockdown, got out, now he actin’ hostile
You threw away your opportunities, nigga that’s a cop out
Not now, we can argue later – all in favor
Raise your hands if you deserve another chance
Fan of a fan, we sharin’ the same things
We see the bumps in the road, we smoke and we maintain

[Bridge: Dizzy]
So I, play my position with persistence
Consistent with the flow, nigga, we twistin’ up the ‘dro
In this life of sin, through the highs and lows
Trials and tribulations, you know how it go

[Hook: Dizzy]
I pray you niggas maintain
I pray you niggas maintain
‘Cause when shit get all bad, and you watch the game change
Fuck the bullshit, it’s time to maintain
You gotta maintain

[Verse 2: Dizzy]
Two hours early, rise and shine - no ride, catchin’ the bus to be on time
No time for excuses, it’s your life, you can’t be stuck on stupid
I give ‘em the awkward nod like “I can’t be without a job”
Helpin’ moms with the bombs, I mean the bills
I mean, bombs is how they feel, but how I feel don’t stop the deal
See, when you go without a meal you stop takin’ your plate for granted
We was strong when we was weak, that’s why I pray before I eat
It’s bittersweet when it’s something you wanna keep
And if that nigga don’t wanna help, fuck it, do it by yourself
But put in effort to better your situation
If not for y’all then do it for the baby, the system crazy
Where you got you a son or you a daughter
Don’t run away from your problems or your partner
Maintain – I know it’s gettin’ hard, but it gets harder
You gotta understand, that’s the shit that makes you a man

[Bridge: Dizzy]

[Hook: Dizzy]

[Verse 3: Joey]
Gladly – do the snazzy on my nappy
And the razor wit, education, niggas tried to clap me
I ain’t a killa, but for scrilla it gets nasty
Pop up on the wrong night, get popped like mad acne
It ain’t no comin’ home for you, homie
It’s funny, fuckin’ with these rhymes over time’ll turn you phony
I see niggas makin’ money, becomin’ dealers
Deal a pound of… then give the beats out ‘til he did her
It gets more realer for real
Niggas’ll take your life and won’t even get life for the steal
And if you’re grilled, your grill gets Formaned
Blow out your fronts and leave it as a warning
For informants I feel like the doorman
Ain’t kidding, can’t take the heat? Get out the kitchen
It’s things for soft guys like you, like knittin’ mittens
Kissin’ kittens, stitchin’ snitches, whispering disses
Wishin’ you had my bitches and my riches

[Bridge: Dizzy]

[Hook: Dizzy]

Pass the herb, pass the herb, pass the herb
Pass the herb, pass the herb, pass the herb
I got the word for the game, niggas gotta maintain
Pass the herb, pass the herb, pass the herb
Pass the herb, pass the herb, pass the herb
I got the word for the game, niggas gotta maintain

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