Letra The god's eternal sleep de Dahong Palay

The god's eternal sleep

Run, child run
Hide yourself from the beasts
Until the killings are done
Weep, mother weep

Flood the earth with your blood red tears
Cry until the river runs deep
Scream, sister scream
Raise your voice from mountain high

Let them know not to fear
Pray, father pray
Summon the great immortals
Send the demons back to hell

Who are thou call upon us

And summon us from our eternal sleep
Who art thou who kneels before us
And weilds the sword of the mighty odin

Fight, brothers fight
Raise the hammer of war
Let them hear the battle cry
Run, soldiers run

Be guided by the dragon's flight
Return with victory and pride
Burn, mortals burn
Fear the fury of god's anger

And satan will take your soul
Fly, dragons fly
Sail the winds of the northern skies
Should feel in heaven to mankind

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