Letra We're thru de Common Enemy

We're thru

now look at all that you’ve done wrong,
you can’t take back what’s said and done
you broke our bond of love and trust,
“it’s all right” cause you where drunk
well your excuse is full of shit,
you backstabbing, coward, heartless bitch
to think I thought that you’re the one,
and now I say your fucking done
we’re fucking thru
you’ve crossed the line
we’re fucking thru
so step aside
at first you were a nice surprise,
you weren’t like all the other guys
you took me out on fancy dates,
and now that feelings turned to hate
behind my back you tried a few,
you’ve bit off more than you can chew
what made you think you’ll get by me,
you deserve that pain now when you pee
granted, I must say my thanks
I know what you truly are
and just to prove my point
you’re worthless!

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