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    Redding nacque nella cittadina di Dawson in Georgia. Quando aveva cinque anni la sua famiglia si trasferì a Macon, sempr[...]
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Mary's little lamb

Mary had a little lamb
His bleeks was white as snow
everywhere that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go
He followed her to school one day
And that was against the rules
He made the children laugh and play
You've seen that lamb
Oh that lamb in school
Oh Mary
Listen let me tell you something
Ever since I was four years old
I hated a silly rule
Ever since they ran Mary's lamb
Oh all the way home from school
You should have seen Mary cry
When she waved to her lamb goodbye
The teacher said Mary come inside
Come on and dry, oh, dry your eyes
Oh, oh, oh Mary
Wait a minute
Mary don't you be so blue
And bring that lamb back to school
And Mary don't you be no fool
You see the lamb daily thru
When you go, oh, home today
You and your lamb can play
You can even do the twist
And then it goes
Something like this
oh, oh, oh Mary
oh, oh, oh Mary
Come on Mary
Don't you be such a moaner
Don't moan no more
Hey, hey, hey Mary, hey, hey
Come on Mary, oh
Come on Mary...
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