Letra Let's call the whole thing small de Sesame Street

Let's call the whole thing small

Luis: What a little painting! It's very tiny.
Maria: It's not tiny. It's itsy bitsy.
(They exchange a scornful glare and move on to a very large painting.)
Maria: Look at that enormous painting! It's humongous!
Luis: Well, *I* would say it's tremendous; I might even call it stupendous.
Maria: You would ...
(They move to another painting.)
Luis: Now that is a great painting. It's absolutely fantastic!
Maria: No it's not! It's terrific! (getting angry)
Luis: Fantastic!
Maria: Terrific!
Luis: Fantastic!
Maria: Terrific!
(The music starts, and various Sesame Street people who are 'in' paintings, begin to sing.)
Gordon: Can't you see that you both agree?
What's the reason for this spat?
Susan: You like to say things this way.
And you like to say things that.
Telly: What a shame; it all means the same.

There's no need to make a scene.
Elmo: There are lots of way to say the very same thing,
If you know what I mean.
Maria: You say little; I say itsy.
Luis: You say tiny; I say bitsy.
Little, tiny ...
Maria: .. Itsy, bitsy.
Together: Let's call the whole thing small!
Luis: You say enormous; I say tremendous.
Maria: I say humongous, you say stupendous.
Enormous, humongous ...
Luis: ... tremendous, stupendous.
Together: Let's call the whole thing big!
Bob (dressed as Atlas holding a globe): A ball can be a circle, or a globe or other sphere.
They're all ways of saying what I'm holding here.
Maria: I say fantastic, you say terrific.
Luis: But when you say fantastic, to me sounds terrific.
Together: For we see how we agree now ...
Maria: .. Whatever we call it's OK.
Luis: Let's say we call it a day!

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