Letra Approach de Euphoreador


Ballerina without a ball
Concertina right here down hall
So come on give some
And bring your graces
Is it just superficial, life's embraces
Yeah, hell, I'm off to the races

Get together now
So come on and see how we go
A little bit faster
A little bit slow
With a hook in your back
And the shit on the shelf
With a shit liar that we call self

And we touted ourselves
As the thing that won't be missed
From the mind to the heart
With the wit of sophist

So come on and let's toast
Our living oblations
And obliquely we stand
In sacrificial ovations
Lacerations on the pillows then
A ramshackleness a perfect zen
My chaos privy is a third of my mind
I'll do you from front
And turn you then behind
For some longevity

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